Before reading the text, learn a little something about the author of our play...
Becoming Shakespeare - A Brief Research Project

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A Shakespeare Glossary (currently down)
Open Source Shakespeare (the text of the play and much more!)

Scene Performances

Acting Company Grading Sheet.pdf
Promptbook Instructions.pdf
RJ 1.3.pdf
RJ 2.4.pdf
RJ 3.3.pdf
RJ 3.5.pdf
RJ 5.3.pdf

Important Terms
  • denotation
  • connotation
  • prose
  • poetry
  • text
  • subtext
  • motivation
  • characterization
  • conflict

Literary Devices
  • hyperbole
  • imagery
  • pun
  • personification
  • metaphor
  • simile
  • classical allusions
  • oxymoron
  • reversed word order (really a language trick)

Poetic Devices and Forms
  • alliteration
  • iambic pentameter
  • sonnet
  • blank verse
  • end rhyme
  • enjambment
  • rhyming couplets

Passages for language study:

For your assigned passage above, please complete the following:
1. Prepare a summary of your group’s lines.
2. Identify three examples of language tricks/literary devices used in your group’s lines.
Note: Look for hyperbole, puns, personification, metaphor, simile, classical allusions, and reversed word order. If you are familiar with them, you may also identify poetic devices such as alliteration, end rhyme, iambic pentameter, blank verse, etc.
3. How do these specific devices/tricks enhance the passage?
4. Identify what your group thinks is the most important line, and be prepared to explain why it is important.

Please write your examples in the following manner:

personification: "The gray-eyed morn smiles on the frowning night" (2.3.1)
Explanation: the morning is smiling and the night is frowning - human characteristics are being attributed to daybreak

Romeo and Juliet Essay
  • You will recall that we discussed “Who is responsible for the ‘death’ of Juliet?” but now it’s time to consider who might be responsible for the tragic deaths of these two young lovers. Is it Montague, Capulet, Nurse, Tybalt, Mercutio, Romeo, Juliet, Friar Lawerence, Fate, or someone (or something) else? Argue your case in a well developed essay of about 400 - 500 words, using 2-3 pieces of textual support. Each piece of textual support must be no longer than three lines.
  • Essay Question: Who is responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?
  • Complete this pre-writing handout for the next class: Romeo and Juliet Essay Prewriting.doc
  • You will need to submit a physical copy of this pre-writing on Tuesday, November 3rd