Daily Oral Language

Directions: First, copy and paste the sentences below onto your DOL page. Second, work with your DOL partner to correct the sentences.




Sentence 1: the book the warden is considered among the better of trollopes many novels

Sentence 2: there are several steps necessary to replace a damaged internal modem first eject the modem second deinstall the software then replace the broken one with a new one


Sentence 1: they would of froze during the blizzard but they seen an empty house that protected them from the biting winds coming off of the appalachian mountains

Sentence 2: lee was wathcing the movie the sixth sense - at least i think he said that - when the DVD player stopped working


Sentence 1: jose rung the bell at the delivery entrance when noone answered he left quickly

Sentence 2: i and my brother catched the train at fifty second and beachhaven streets unfortunately, we got off of the train too blocks to soon


Sentence 1: because in order to repair youre damaged Motorcycle which is all banged in shell have to do alot of repainting

Sentence 2: he could of swam to that reef but its to stormy to try that


Sentence 1: me and my brother weared blue jeans we wasnt admitted to the bigelow restaurant

Sentence 2: the young woman drived that there blue car wearing a white scarf


Sentence 1: because your late finishing the book report youll have to give us girls the books to take to diegos house

Sentence 2: my grandfather he dont always have time to call us on our Birthdays but he doe send cards and presents


Sentence 1: they wont be going to the west this spring however theyll be going to connecticut

Sentence 2: i and my sister have chose to do the following start shopping for video games compare prices on-line and send to e-mails

DOL 10

Sentence 1: there car would not start irregardless of what they tried they finally beeped youre friend i think

Sentence 2: wasnt that a great softball game we seen with colette and liu your friends

DOL 11

Sentence 1: the long poem the lady o fthe lake was wrote by sir walter scott raul said and is considered one of the poets best

Sentence 2: when will you learn me to use this computer maria asked must i ask you i another three months

DOL 12

Sentence 1: he has wrote a novel entitled the lonely desert and sold a painting named illuminations

Sentence 2: its never fare weather was sang by jess at the concert presented at the heritage building

DOL 13

Sentence 1: since they may of drank the orange juice but we didnt touch the fruit punch

Sentence 2: jamel dont want nothing returned but newsweek and people the 2 magazines that he give to them students

DOL 14

Sentence 1: shira announced heatedly the better ot them three runners didnt even place in that there marathon

Sentence 2: the oil burner bursted during the morning during the afternoon mom founded a plumber to repair them

DOL 15

Sentence 1: the man who was the one wearing the blue workshirt should of brung his wife and child with he

Sentence 2: the australian aborigine have knowed for a long time what it means to be persecuted dont you think

DOL 16

Sentence 1: the spirit of st louis was the plane whom charles lindbergh flies in across the atlantic

Sentence 2: the future of the internet is the name of a article in this Computer magaine do you want to read them

DOL 17

Sentence 1: 38 customers should of did the following examined the merchandise returned it and they should of wrote a letter of complaint

Sentence 2: dad said you could of raise the window for more air or you could of open the door for more air

DOL 18

Sentence 1: arent their alot of quoted passages in youre short story charise

Sentence 2: the students had sold many newspaper subscriptions the computer doesnt cost them to much

DOL 19

Sentence 1: irregarless of the similarities youve noted the washington post is different than the new york times

Sentence 2: nancy unpacked the software starts the computers and then she loads it

DOL 20

Sentence 1: rushing across the street the bluish purple motorcycle almost hit leo

Sentence 2: she has a great photo of the scene anna yelled as she runs to help her sister

DOL 21

Sentence 1: greenwich village an area in lower new york is the seting for the short story washington square

Sentence 2: because my mom and dad i think want to travel when us kids are in college

DOL 22

Sentence 1: the television soap opera guiding light is on to early im still at work when it begin

Sentence 2: shira reckless drived the car into the lot flinged the door open quickly and then she takes her briefcase into the house

DOL 23


DOL 24

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