Quality conversation focused on the text is the goal of literature circle meetings. In order to accomplish this goal keep the following in mind while discussing:

Assessment: (Grade for the conversation)
  • all members prepared for the meeting
  • focused on the text, referring frequently to the novel to support comments
  • active questioning and participation by all members
  • polite and considerate interaction
  • going beyond obvious, superficial answers
  • asking follow-up questions
  • respectfully disagreeing

Questions to keep the conversation going:
  • Where do you see that in the text?
  • How does that support your idea?"
  • Does anyone have an idea we haven't heard?
  • Can you explain what you mean?
  • Why do you think __ ?
  • Why do you like that answer?

Be Friendly:
  • smile
  • use names
  • encourage others to participate
  • recognize others' contributions "That was a thoughtful comment (insert name)."
  • look at the other members in the group while speaking

Express Support:
  • "You must be butter because you are on a roll!"
  • "You are on fire, (insert name)!"
  • "That was A+ quality, (insert name)!"
  • "Come on (insert name), your group is behind you!"
  • "We believe in you, (insert name)!"