The Personal Narrative

Assignment 1:

Questions: "A Shirt Full of Bees"
What creative strategy does the author use to begin the story?
What is the point (or thesis) of the narrative?
What is 'the moment' on which the author focuses?
What events are not central to the story and 'disappear in the puff of a sentence'? (It's necessary information, but detail is not needed.)
What is the POV?
What are the key details in the story?
How does the author "leave the reader thinking"?

Assignment 2:
Please complete #2 on page 199 of "Narration".

PN JaneS
PN JennyY
PN Carol
PN JamesC
PN EldredL
PN Arnold
PN Jonathan
PN Jasmine
PN Christine
PN PeterK C Block
PN Katie
PN Hyeunjin
PN Eric
PN Andy

The Satirical Comic Book Project: You will create a comic book that satirizes a topic of your choice.
Your comic book must include examples of the following literary devices:
  • Allusion
  • Hyperbole (exaggeration)
  • Oxymoron
  • Irony (sarcasm)
  • Parody
  • Understatement
  • Juxtaposition

  • It should clearly satirize something -- society, school, government, etc.
  • It should be long enough to effectively satirize the thing in question.
  • It should use photos, drawings, or other art to demonstrate creativity and originality.
  • It should use the program Comic Life.

Photos and Music:
  • this project must not violate copyright laws
  • if you desire to use photos or music, you must use the following sites
  • photos: Creative Commons
  • music: Music and Sound
  • you still must cite material you use: Documenting Sources
  • post your "Citations" on your SCP wikipage

1. Complete your project proposal Satirical Comic Proposal.pdf (paste your responses on the designated wiki page below)
2. Create your Comic Life project - see rubric for expectations
3. Minimum length: one page with 4 panels (number of frames is up to you)
3. Post your project to your designated wikipage below (save it as a picture from Comic Life onto your desktop and upload it to the wiki)

An example (note: this project went way beyond the requirements)

Rubric: Satirical Comic Project Rubric and Reflection .pdf

Note: When you save your comic as a picture to your desktop include your first name and last initial in the title of the project - you might also include your block letter, for example: "Satirical Comic FrederickS 9B" If you don't make the name unique, it will get erased when someone else uploads his/her "Comic Project."

Final Reflection
-Please complete the following on your Satirical Comic Project Page (SCP).
-Post at the top of the page.

1. Briefly state what you are satirizing in your Satirical Comic Project:
2. Quote or explain how you used at least five of the seven following literary devices in your Satirical Comic Project:
Hyperbole (exaggeration)
Irony (sarcasm)
3. Reflection
What have you learned from your study of satire, including Candide and the Satirical Comic Project?

SCP JennyY
SCP CarolC
SCP JamesC
SCP EldredL
SCP Arnold
SCP Jonathan
SCP Jasmine
SCP Christine
SCP PeterK C block
SCP Katie
SCP Hyeunjin
SCP Eric
SCP Andy

Literary Devices in Candide - Why? To Create Satire!

Identify the following literary devices in Candide: allusion, hyperbole, irony, parody, oxymoron, understatement, juxtaposition
(See the Candide page for definitions and examples of the devices.)

Your group needs TWO examples PER PERSON from your assigned section.

Literary Device: irony
Text: Thus dressed, they walked in procession, and listened to a most affecting sermon, followed by a delightful piece of plainchant monotony. Candide was flogged in cadence to the singing" (Voltaire 16).
Context: Candid is being punished for listening to Pangloss who offended the Inquisitors.
Explanation of literary device: It is irony because flogging is not usually associated with beautiful music - it's the opposite of what one expects.
What is Voltaire satirizing by the use of this device? Voltaire is satirizing the Inquisition's brutal treatment of people in the name of something that should not treat people brutally - Christianity.
Contributor: Mr. Stephens

Group 1 C ch 1-3
Group 2 C ch 4-10
Group 3 C ch 11-14
Group 4 C ch 15-18
Group 5 C ch 19-22
Group 6 C ch 23-26
Group 7 C ch 27-30

Key Question for Candide

In Candide, Voltaire is satirizing the idea that this is 'the best of all possible worlds." Therefore, Voltaire wants to you answer the following question:

1. Why is this not the best of all possible worlds? But, at the same time, Candide is not an entirely hopeless novel. What 'rays of hope' do you see? As you post your responses to the key question also mention 'rays of hope' that you see in the novel.

Here are some specific categories to look for:
  • religion
  • kings
  • governments
  • war
  • avarice (greed)
  • social pride
  • dishonesty
  • slavery
  • inhuman treatment of others
  • disease
  • cataclysms

In the appropriate page below, respond to the key question. Essentially, you are helping us understand how Voltaire is satirizing Optimism in your section. You will present your findings to the class after the class has completed reading your section. Assessment will be based on thoroughness in identifying the targets of Voltaire's satire in your section.

Example (from a student)
Page 51- 52 "...a negro stretched out on the ground with no more than half of his clothes left... the poor man had no left leg and no right hand...'And was it Monsieur Vanderdendur.' said Candide, 'who treated you like this?'- 'Yes, Monsieur.' said the negro...'when we...get a finger caught in the machinery they cut off the hand; but when we try to run away they cut off a leg... dogs, monkeys and parrots are a thousand times less miserable than we are...'" This shows three factors which make this world not the best of all possible worlds; racial/social discrimination, abuse/torture and a lack of individual free will. Monsieur Vanderdendur mistreats the negro in such a fashion because of his social standing (which is significantly lower) and his skin colour, and regards himself as better than the negro because of two factors that do not determine what kind of person the negro is. Furthermore, it demonstrates violence because the man treats the negro in a harsh and deplorable manner and uses extreme methods, such as removal of body parts, to enforce his laws. Finally, he does not allow the slave to leave, and holds him there against his free will, although it is evident that, should the slave have a choice, he would leave.

  • 3-5 examples
  • your examples should include evidence that demonstrates why this is not the best of all possible worlds
  • remember to look for 'rays of hope'
  • as in the example above, quote your evidence and explain how it answers the key question

CKQ JaneS ch 4-12
CKQ JennyY ch 4-12
CKQ Carol ch 4-12
CKQ James ch 4-12
CKQ Eldred ch 13-18
CKQ Arnold ch 13-18
CKQ Jonathan ch 13-18
CKQ Jasmine ch 19-22
CKQ ChristineC ch 19-22
CKQ PeterK (C Block) ch 19-22
CKQ Sam ch 19-22
CKQ Katie ch 23-27
CKQ Hyeunjin ch 23-27
CKQ Eric ch 23-27
CKQ Andy ch 28-30

Mini-Lessons and Daily Oral Language Quarter 2

MLDOLQ2 PeterK C Block
MLDOLQ2 ChristineC
MLDOLQ2 Hyeunjin
MLDOLQ2 Eldred
MLDOLQ2 Jonathan
MLDOLQ2 Arnold
MLDOLQ2 Jasmine

Romeo and Juliet

Acting Company Pages

Please list the actors and roles in your company: (Who is playing what part?)

Block C 1.3.1-113 3 actors
Block C 2.4.1-103 3 actors (4 if needed)
Block C 3.3.1-87 3 actors
Block C 3.5.131-255 3 actors
Block C 5.3.195-321 4 actors (5 if needed)

At the top of your Acting Company page please indicate the following:
  • your scene
  • the character(s) you are playing

AC Andy
AC Peter K Block C
AC Christine
AC Jenny Y
AC Katie C
AC James
AC Sam
AC Hyeunjin
AC Carol
AC Eldred
AC Jonathan
AC Arnold
AC Eric
AC JaneS
AC Jasmine

Who is responsible for Juliet's "death"?

Directions: Search for lines (directly quote and cite the lines) and actions of your assigned character that might have made Juliet feel she had to take such a drastic course of action. Write up your findings on the appropriate wiki page below. Make sure you put you and your partner's name at the top of the page. In addition, label each contribution you make with your name. You need a combination of five different lines and actions for your character.

Romeo C
Montague C
Juliet C
Capulet C
Nurse C
Lady Capulet C
Tybalt C
Paris C
Mercutio C
Friar Lawerence C

Passages for language study:
#1: 2.4.164-219
#2: 2.5.1-55
#3: 2.5.56-83
#4: 2.6

For your assigned passage above, please complete the following:
1. Prepare a summary of your group’s lines.
2. Identify three examples of language tricks/literary devices used in your group’s lines.
Note: Look for hyperbole, puns, personification, metaphor, simile, classical allusions, and reversed word order. If you are familiar with them, you may also identify poetic devices such as alliteration, end rhyme, iambic pentameter, blank verse, etc.
3. How do these specific devices/tricks enhance the passage?
4. Identify what your group thinks is the most important line, and be prepared to explain why it is important.

Please write your examples in the following manner:

personification: "The gray-eyed morn smiles on the frowning night" (2.3.1)

RJ Andy
RJ Peter K C block
RJ Christine
RJ JennyY
RJ Katie
RJ James
RJ Sam
RJ Hyeunjin
RJ Carol
RJ Eldred
RJ Jonathan
RJ Arnold
RJ Eric
RJ JaneS
RJ Jasmine

World Literature Independent Reading Project

English 9 World Lit Book Podcast .pdf

World Lit Podcast Grading Sheet.pdf

WLIRP PeterK C block
WLIRP Christine
WLIRP Hyeunjin
WLIRP Eldred
WLIRP Jonathan
WLIRP Arnold
WLIRP Jasmine

Mini-Lessons and Daily Oral Language Quarter 1

MLDOLQ1 ChristineC
MLDOLQ1 Hyeunjin
MLDOLQ1 Eldred
MLDOLQ1 Jonathan
MLDOLQ1 Arnold
MLDOLQ1 Jasmine