Self Evaluation

I think that we did pretty good to pull it together and put all the transitions and movements together to make a fairly good performance of 1.3. Also, I think we did pretty good on the props and our costumes. Another thing is that I think that I think we acted professionally even though we were dressed up as women. Some parts of the performance had a bit of trouble pronouncing some of the old English lines. Though I think we pulled through and acted professional in the play. I think that I contributed fairly well by being Lady Capulet because I tried to say the words well without any problems. Our performance helped us understand Romeo and Juliet because the emotion of the scene helped us understand the emotion.

I am Lady Capulet
Scene Analysis Act 1 Scene 3 Lines 1-113
What happens in your scene? Outline the basic events.
In this scene, Lady Capulet the Nurse and Juliet are in this scene. In which the Nurse gets Juliet to talk to her mother which she starts to talk about her marrying someone. Though Juliet is not willing to marry at her age. And also because she does not love Paris.
What do you think are the key purposes of your scene? In other words, why is this scene important?
This scene mainly is for the reader to understand that though her family wants her to marry quickly to get her established in society. Juliet thinks that she is too young, and she doesn't love Paris which makes her not want to marry. This scene reminds us the differences of society in Elizabethan times and modern age. This also tells us that Juliet is a bit fiery and will marry only the man she loves which sets a baseline for the play.
What are your reactions to the scene?
I thought that this scene was mainly for information and it makes people think of the family as a real one: full of arguments and disagreements. Also, I thought that this is crucial to the plot of the story because it lets us know that Juliet is a bit of a rebel.
1. What does your character want in this scene (this is the objective)?

Lady Capulet wants Juliet to marry Paris.

2. What is your character’s motivation for doing what he or she does?

Lady Capulet's motivation is for Juliet to imply with her husbands orders and merge the two families together.

3. What obstacles stand in his or her way?

Juliet doesn't to marry because she does not like Paris and thinks she is too young.

4. What happens when your character confronts these obstacles?

She gets angry and tries to get Juliet to go with her plan to marry Paris.

5. Are there any distinctive elements in your character’s way of speaking? (Is his or her language elaborate, plain, musical, or what?)

There are some singsongy and rhyming in one of her soliloquies.

6. What is your character thinking during the scene (this is the subtext)? (How does he or she react to the other characters and events?)

She is thinking about the benefits of having Paris in the family. Also, she is annoyed that the Nurse is talking so much and taking different sides of the argument. She is also mad at Juliet for not following her demands.