Character Report

1) What does your character want in this scene (this is the objective)?
Montague: By the end of this scene, Montague wants peace with the Capulets, realizing that their hatred for each other have caused many deaths.
First Watchmen: He wants to let Prince, Montague, and Capulets to know what happened at the grave.
( He only have two parts...)
Page: He wants to explain what his master, Paris, was doing in front of Juliet’s tomb.
( Page talks only once)

2) What is your character’s motivation for doing what he or she does?
Montague: His motivation is the deaths of his son, his wife, and Juliet. He has finally realized how his immature actions towards the Capulets have caused his family to be dead.
First Watchmen: His motivation is his job. Since he is the watch for the Capulets’ grave, he is explaining what he saw, in order to let people know what happened.
Page: He explained what Paris did in front of Juliet’s tomb for the sake of his respectful master. He is guarding Paris for Paris’s innocence.

3) What obstacles stand in his or her way?
Montague: Even before the sadness of his wife’s death is gone, his dear son is also dead.
  • There’s no obstacle for the First Watchmen and Page.

4) What happens when your character confronts these obstacles?
Montague: When he confronts Romeo’s death, he feels extremely devastated and he is in a great shock. Later on, he faces the reality by reconciling with Capulet.

  • None for the First Watchmen and Page.

5) Are there any distinctive elements in your character’s way of speaking?
Montague: His language is very serious and solemn.
First Watchmen: His voice is plain and office-like.
Page: His language is sad, but aroused at the same time.

6)What is your character thinking during the scene?
Montague: He is probably regretting about his past actions (hating Capulet so much), and in a great sorrow recalling his past memories with his family.
First Watchmen: He is probably thinking of nothing. Maybe thinking of the scene when he saw Romeo, Juliet, and Paris all dead.
Page: He is probably thinking of Paris. And what he was doing at the grave, before he got killed by Romeo.

Scene Analysis

1) Basic Plot:
This scene is after the deaths of three young lovers; Romeo, Juliet, and Paris. Startled by people’s noise, Prince, Capulet, Lady Capulet, and Montague go to the grave, and they find out about Romeo, Juliet, and Paris’s death. The Watchman explains about what he saw, Balthasar explains about Romeo’s actions after hearing Juliet’s death, and Page talks of what Paris was doing in the grave, before he got killed. And Friar finally explains about Romeo and Juliet’s secret marriage and their secret plot to meet again. But then their plan failed due to their miscommunication, and Friar states that he is responsible for their death. Capulet and Montague regret about their enemy- relationships, and at the end, they promise to make a statue of their children to make Verona remember them forever.
2) Importance of this scene:
This scene is important because this is when Capulets and Montagues realize about their children’s marriage, and their long strife being over. Also, this scene is when Romeo, Juliet, and Paris die, showing their tragic relationships and their unavoidable fate.
3) My Reactions:
My reactions toward this scene was shock, sadness, and fretfulness. When Romeo killed Paris and himself, I was really shocked and felt bad, feeling that how love could end up being a tragedy. I was really fretful when Balthasar left Romeo alone in the grave, because I was afraid of Romeo doing something wrong at there. Also, when Romeo was about to drink the poison, I wished for Juliet to wake up before Romeo kills himself. Overall, for the whole scene, I felt really sad and unfortunate.