Scene: 3.5. 131-255
Character: Lady Capulet & Nurse

Scene Analysis
1) What happens in your scene? Outline the basic events.
This scene is the major fight between the Capulets. Capulet & Lady Capulet want Juliet to marry Paris on thursday and get over her sadness over Tybalt, a.k.a Romeo. Juliet doesn't know what to do because the wedding is in two days. The nurse agrees with Capulet & Lady Capulet which angers Juliet. Juliet states that at least she has the power to kill herself.
2) What do you think are the key purposes of your scene? In other words, why is this scene important?
This scene really brought out how Juliet's character changes. It also brings out what kind of people Capulet & Lady Capulet are. Capulet is now defined as a bad father. The nurse is kind of like a little girl and her gossips.
3) What are your reactions to this scene?
This scene was surprising. The way Lady Capulet is a mature woman not a 28 year old mom who cares about money. The nurses reactions to the marriage of Paris and Juliet. And the anger that Capulet can have against Juliet. THe way that Juliet develops as a character is also notable. She responds to this marriage by saying at least she could kill herself.

Character Report: Nurse
Character Report Lady Capulet
Self Evaluation
1) To start off with the bad things. First the transition of characters from nurse to lady capulet. vice versa. Also use of space and the use of props was very poor. To move on to good things.. First the delivery of lines including pronunciation seemed much better than when we practiced.
2) I feel that I've contributed enough. The annotations and stage directions on the script were written by me and stage sketch and costume sketches were also mine.
3) I think my delivery of lines was fine but than character change between the Nurse and Lady Capulet was very poor.
4) More practice and if we had some more time we could have memorized our lines and the delivery of expressions would be much more clearer.
5) Basically it helped me interpret the scene in my own way. THe language was hard when I first read the scene but by being given time to interpret and to translate it really helped me understand in normal english.