Scene: 3.5.131-255
Character: Lady Capulet & Nurse

Scene Analysis
1) Basic plot: This scene basically shows that Capulet and his wife do not understand why their daughter is so upset, followed by Capulet trying to force Juliet in marrying Paris. The nurse agrees with him, in which Juliet feels betrayed as she had trusted her all along.

2) Importance of this scene: Juliet starts to think differently of the nurse as she is no longer to be trusted.

3) Reactions: After I read this scene, I was left very confused with the actions of the nurse. She is a very hard woman to read, as I thought that she supported Romeo and Juliet's marriage, but right after Romeo got banished from the city, she starts to talk about how Paris seems like a good suitor for Juliet.

Character Report
1. What does your character want in this scene (this is the objective)?
Nurse: Marriage of Juliet and Paris
Lady Capulet: Stop the fight between Capulet and Juliet and wants peace in the household.

2. What is your character’s motivation for doing what he or she does?

Nurse: Wants to protect Juliet from Romeo and Capulet.
Lady Capulet: Wants to stop Capulet from saying harsh words, and to comfort Juliet.

3. What obstacles stand in his or her way?
Nurse: Capulet stands in her way as she wants to protect Juliet from his harsh words, and Romeo; if Juliet tries to visit Romeo, or vice versa, the two of them will get into harsh consequences.
Lady Capulet: Same as the nurse, she also thinks that Capulet is getting in her way as she just wants to maintain peace between her daughter and husband, but Capulet does not stop yelling at Juliet.

4. What happens when your character confronts these obstacles?
Nurse: As Capulet is in a higher position than she is, she is just met with the comments of "hold your tongue", and "Peace, you mumbling fool." This shows that Capulet is just annoyed by what the nurse is saying, and so he does not pay attention to what she is saying
Lady Capulet: She tries to stop Caplet from speaking harshly of her daughter, and asks "Fie, fie! what, are you mad?", but as the nurse, Capulet did not pay much attention to her.

5. Are there any distinctive elements in your character’s way of speaking? (Is his or her language elaborate, plain, musical, or what?)
Nurse: She speaks carefully as to not further anger Capulet.
Lady Capulet: She speaks plainly and she sounds very concerned.

6. What is your character thinking during the scene (this is the subtext)? (How does he or she react to the other characters and events?)
Nurse: She wishes that Juliet would marry Paris.
Lady Capulet: Although to maintain peace in her house is her first priority, she would be happier if Juliet obeyed Capulet and married Paris, as she thinks that it's the "right thing" to do.