Character Report
- My character, Friar Lawrence wants to calm and convince Romeo, and comfort him from his grief of being banished.
- He is motivated to do so because he knows the secret marriage between Romeo and Juliet, and knows how sincerely they love.
- Being a minister, he has to hide the fact that he is the only one that knows the secret marriage of Romeo and Juliet. He is the only one that fully knows the whole situation of this whole tragedy.
- He bravely covers up for Romeo and Juliet for he knows their love.
- He speaks very firmly and modestly. Though he is trying to convince and calm Romeo, he is very firm to make Romeo not think so bad about the banishment, and not to think about death.
- He is thinking how he would calm and firmly get control of mindlessly grieving Romeo. He absolutely thinks that Romeo should believe that banishment is much better and thankful than death itself.

Erin Kim's Scene Analysis
In our scene, Friar Lawrence tells Romeo about the news that he got banished from Verona because of killing Tybalt. From then on, it is about Romeo grieving for the fact that he has to part from Juliet, while Friar Lawrence tries to calm him and encourage him that there is always a chance. At the end of the scene, the nurse enters, containing whatever message Juliet told her to send.

I think the key purposes of this scene are to show the significance what is on Romeo's mind and how significant the banishment will be to the story and the relationship between Romeo and Juliet.
As Friar Lawrence, I think the emotions and the character that I have to act out will be serious but hopeful, like calming a child.

My reactions to this scene was to think of how angry and sad and surprised I would be if I was in the same situation. I think if I could just think of that and act it out, I could do my best.