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2.4 1-103

Eldred Lee
Scene Analysis

In this scene, Benvolio and Mercutio were teasing Romeo because he was in love with Juliet (I'm acting as Mercutio). There are some inappropriate languages in this scene. And this indicates the personalities of each characters. Mercutio and Benvolio are jokers and Romeo wants to be solemn and serious. Also, this scene is significant because it emphasizes the starting of love of Romeo and Julet (oooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!). Just like James, I got the impression from the inappropriate languages.

Character Report

In Act 2 Scene 4, Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio comes out in the scene. The scripts of this scene includes a lot inappropriate words, especially my character, Mercutio. Mercutio uses a lot of sexual terms. Mercutio jokes around with Benvolio to taunt Romeo. But Romeo doesn't take it as a joke. The tone of his voice is really serious and solemn.