Scene: 3.5.131-255

Character: Juliet

Character Report
· Objective: Juliet wants to live happily with Romeo.
· Motivation: Juliet wants to find a way out of her marriage with Paris, so she could stay loyal to Romeo.
· Obstacles: One major obstacle that stands in Juliet’s way is her own father who absolutely disagrees with her. She has to persuade her parents not to marry Paris.
· When Juliet confronts Capulet, he insults her by using offensive words. Capulet doesn’t even bother to listen to her words. He pours all his fury onto Juliet.
· Juliet asks a lot of questions to herself and exclaims often. Her words are quite ladylike and soft.
· Subtext: Juliet’s reactions are calm and she seems to be quiet in front of Capulet. However, she is full of grief and rage in this scene, especially because of Capulet and the Nurse. Also, Juliet is very worried about the marriage, since there seems to be no solution at this point. She doesn’t want to obey his father, but she still talks to him with respect.

Scene Analysis
  • Basic events: Capulet gets furious about Juliet's attitude and how she refuses to marry with Paris. Despite Capulet's strong and brutal words, Juliet doesn't change her mind. Lady Capulet, unlike her husband, remains quiet and doesn't scold Juliet as much as he does. Towards the end of the scene, the Nurse disappoints Juliet by telling her to forget about Romeo and marry Paris instead. Feeling outraged by the Nurse's words, Juliet exits to visit Friar Lawrence.
  • This scene is important it shows a big conflict within the family. By reading this scene, we can figure out that Juliet's love with Paris is not under her control, but rather, Capulet's. Also, we can see Juliet's true feelings and how much she loves Romeo. It is clear that she isn't going to give up easily. This scene also shows the other side of the Nurse and how she changes her mind too easily. Overall, we can see various character traits in this scene.
  • My reactions: I truly feel pity for Juliet, since she doesn't have the freedom to choose who she marrys with. To me, Capulet seems like a selfish and inconsiderate father; if he actually loved Juliet as his daughter and cared about her, he wouldn't just force her into a marriage that she doesn't want. I was surprised to see him using words that are quite offensive and mean. I don't understand why the Nurse suddenly changed her mind about Romeo. Lady Capulet, unlike others, didn't really pressure Juliet, so I liked her.