Character Report
1. What does your character want in this scene (this is the objective)?
Capulet’s objective in this scene is the marriage between Paris and Juliet.

2. What is your character’s motivation for doing what he or she does?
Capulet’s motivation for his actions, which are regarded as an abuse of paternal rights, is to force Juliet to marry Paris.

3. What obstacles stand in his or her way?
Juliet’s unwavering determination to not marry Paris is in his way to reach his objective. He should attempt to coax Juliet, but he forces Juliet because he wants the fastest way out.

4. What happens when your character confronts these obstacles?
He goes roundabout by forcing, rather than negotiating and conversing to come to an agreement. He did not solve the conflict; he’s force inflicted Juliet’s dissatisfaction, which will later be the steppingstone for the unfortunate scenario.

5. Are there any distinctive elements in your character’s way of speaking? (Is his or her language elaborate, plain, musical, or what?)
Capulet speaks has a stern, austere, metaphorical, and effective way of speech.

6. What is your character thinking during the scene (this is the subtext)? (How does he or she react to the other characters and events?)
In this particular scene, Capulet speaks directly; his text is his subtext- he says what he wants to say. I could draw this conclusion because he enforces his argumentative points. He says words that may not be conventionally accepted as polite, in other words, his words are directly reflecting his thoughts.

Scene Analysis
What happens in your scene? Outline the basic events.

In Act 3, scene 5 lines 131-255, Capulet is outraged by Juliet’s refusal about the marriage on Thursday with Paris. Then Lady Capulet tries to mollify the situation. In the meantime, Juliet is irritated by her father’s resolute perspective on how beneficial the marriage can be. Juliet, then tries to inform her father that this marriage is unacceptable. Nurse interferes in this fierce conversation to cajole Juliet to marry Paris, who seems like a gentleman. Nurse’s words, on the contrary, guided Juliet to conceive the idea of a scheme. Juliet exits the scene to meet Friar Lawrence.

What do you think are the key purposes of your scene?
In other words, why is this scene important?

The evident character developments and innate personalities are the major purposes of this scene. We can observe how Juliet uncovered herself, when she screamed at Capulet to inform him about her disgust regarding marriage. Also, Capulet can now be classified as a ruthless father when taking his scolding into consideration. On top of this, this scene unveiled nurse’s natural capriciousness.

What are your reactions to this scene?
I was confounded in the beginning to read Capulet’s offensive dialogues, and then outraged at Capulet’s inconsiderate personality. I had similar reactions to nurse, but I was impressed by Lady Capulet’s mature attitude- to appease the upset Juliet.